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Thursday, October 18, 2007

001-bcdalai Software Review - Babylon 7.0

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Babylon 7.0
Babylon is a powerful dictionary, translation and Currency conversion software.

To get translations and dictionary results with Babylon, simply use a preselected mouse button or mouse-keyboard combination to click on any text in any desktop application. The Babylon window opens and displays a translation or definition of the text you selected.
Babylon includes a full text translator service that can handle sentences and passages up to about 50 words.

Babylon includes a conversion utility that recognizes different types of numbers and units and converts these values into different currencies, units of measure or time zones.
Babylon also provides audio pronunciations and phonetic symbols to help users hear and pronounce terms correctly.

Babylon includes writing aids, such as cross-translation, conjugations and direct paste, to help users who are not fluent in English compose better texts in English.
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Salient Features:

Single Click Activation - Simple and intuitive
Full text translation in a single click
Spell check for Hotmail, Gmail, Blogs...
Smart Dictionary - Get translations to and from any language
Wikipedia content in a single click
Babylon Premium Content- results from Oxford, Britannica, and other leading publishers in a single click
Auto Completion

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias available are:

New Features in Babylon 7.0:
The new and improved Babylon 7 does all the work for you with new automatic features: instant Spellcheck of your online text entry, automatic translation to your preferred languages, and autocompletion of your query terms.

Spellcheck Online Mail, Blogs, Chats and Forms:
Now you can spell correctly in over 15 languages. Babylon 7 instantly checks and corrects text whenever you type on the Internet - in chatboxes email, blogs, comment boxes, and forms. The Spellcheck delivers spelling suggestions along with translation and dictionary results - all in a single click.

Can't remember the word you need or how to spell it? Now it's easy. Just start typing. Babylon 7 predicts the word or phrase you want, and automatically suggests choices to let you complete the word.

Smart Dictionary:
Get translations to and from any language. Babylon 7 automatically recognizes the languages you use and need, and gives you results for all those languages. Translate Chinese to German, Swedish to Italian, Japanese to Turkish, and many more.

Experience Babylon the way you want to see and use it. Babylon 7 lets you personalize the interface according to your preferences. Change the skin and background color, font size, transparency, the order of results, and more.

Access LingoZ, the online language community, in a single click. LingoZ offers users around the world a range of language services, including user-generated multilingual dictionaries and a Q&A service. Join other users on LingoZ to look up content, contribute your own, collaborate, and offer or receive language consulting services.

Reviewed By: bcdalai

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