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Sunday, October 21, 2007

003-Vista Folder-File Info

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Vista Folder-File Info

Hello users and bloggers. From bcdalai’s archives you will get some best tech info and some new Tips & Tricks for windows. The documents will be updated whenever there is new information will be available.

About this: This document describes each and every system folders and some important file names. It describes the uses of the folder and describes why it in the Windows Vista OS.

Example of the contents:

Contains files related to Network Access Protection (NAP).
Offline Web Pages: Downloaded web pages for offline reading.
Panther: Files related to Windows setup.
Performance: Files related to Windows System Assessment (WinSAT).
PLA: Performance logs and alerts information
PolicyDefinitions: .admx files for extending Group Policy.
Prefetch: Data files related to enhancing the speed at which applications start.
Provisioning: XML schema files related to authentication.

BootMgr: The Windows Boot Manager
WinLoad: The Windows Boot Loader.
Ntoskrnl.exe: The core (also called the kernel) of the Windows Vista operating system. Code that runs as part of the kernel does so in privileged processor mode and has direct access to system data and hardware.
Hal.dll: The HAL dynamic-link library file. The HAL abstracts low-level hardware details from the operating system and provides a common programming interface to devices of the same type (such as video adapters).
Smss.exe: The Session Manager file. Session Manager is a user-mode process created by the kernel during startup that handles critical startup tasks including creating page files and
performing delayed file rename and delete operations.

Author: bcdalai


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