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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windows 7 Run Commands

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Windows 7 Run Commands
Last Updates: 27th Apr, 2011



ClearType Text Tuner: cttune
Desktop Gadget Gallery: sidebar /showgadgets
Device Manager: hdwwiz.cpl
Device Manager: devmgmt.msc
Disk Defragment User Interface: dfrgui
Display Color Calibration: dccw
Display Switcher: displayswitch
Display: Desktop Icon Settings: control desk.cpl,,0
Display: Personalization control: desk.cpl,,2
Display: Screen Resolution: control desk.cpl
Display: Screen Resolution: desk.cpl
Display: Screen Saver Settings: control desk.cpl,,1
Display: Windows Color and Appearance: control desk.cpl,,5
Hardware and Devices troubleshooter: msdt -id devicediagnostic
Math Input Panel (for Tablet PC): mip
Problem Steps Recorder: psr
Resource Monitor: perfmon /res
Scan Management: scanmanagement.msc
Services For Network File System: nfsmgmt.msc
System Repair Disc (create): recdisc
User Account Control Settings: useraccountcontrolsettings
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results: windowsanytimeupgraderesults
Windows Easy Transfer Report: migwiz/postmig
Windows PowerShell (ISE): powershell_ise
Windows PowerShell (v2.0): powershell
Windows Virtual PC: vmwindow
XPS Viewer: xpsrchvw
And many more.....

For all the Windows 7 Run Commands see the article or download the Windows Command Guide 2011  from below:

PDF download:

XPS download:

Download Flash Version here:

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Paushali said...

Nice post! Keep going!!!

John said...

Hey dude nice post!from so many time I am just searching some commands for windows 7!thanks!thanks!thanks!Thank you so much for this post.
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