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Thursday, July 8, 2010

IT Career - Microsoft ICT Curriculum Roadmap

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Microsoft ICT Curriculum Roadmap

ICT Roadmap

Welcome to the Microsoft information and communications technology (ICT) curriculum roadmap. This roadmap guides you through Microsoft Learning products toward a career in computer technology. Whether you are new to computing or have some experience, this roadmap helps you understand the skills and knowledge requirements necessary to begin or resume your career in ICT.

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If you have experience in computing, the roadmap helps you identify the learning path in preparing for the ICT career of your choice. Determine your starting point by reviewing the prerequisites necessary for each knowledge point in the curriculum. Then use the roadmap's resources to test your readiness, using assessment exams or a self-assess option to check your skills against the skills measured. If you need more training, choose training resources that suit your learning style: classroom courses, e-learning, or independent study.
Charting your progress is easy as you use the roadmap to guide you through the curriculum. An important step along the way is to validate your knowledge and skills by becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. By having this credential, you let employers know that you are qualified. Whether your goal is to be a systems engineer or to improve your personal productivity when using Microsoft Office programs, the Microsoft ICT curriculum roadmap is your one-stop tool.
Note to educators The Microsoft ICT curriculum roadmap is a useful tool in mapping the technology components of your programs to the knowledge and skills of ICT jobs in the marketplace. Augmenting your programs with the employability skills that emphasize teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving throughout your curriculum is crucial in developing an employable ICT workforce.
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 Article source: Microsoft