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Friday, June 1, 2012

50 RUN Commands in Windows 7

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Applies To: Windows 7 or later. To check and find more commands info read the e-book: Windows Commands Guide 2016
Action Center wscui.cpl
Aero Troubleshooter msdt -id aerodiagnostic
ClearType Text Tuner cttune
Connect to a Projector displayswitch
Desktop Gadget Gallery sidebar /showgadgets
Device Manager hdwwiz.cpl
Device Pairing Application devicepairingwizard
Disk Defragment dfrgui
Display Color Calibration dccw
Display: Desktop Icon Settings control desk.cpl,,0
Display: Personalization control desk.cpl,,2
Display: Screen Resolution control desk.cpl
Display: Screen Resolution control desk.cpl,,3
Display: Screen Resolution control desk.cpl,,4
Display: Screen Resolution desk.cpl
Display: Screen Saver Settings control desk.cpl,,1
Display: Windows Color and Appearance control desk.cpl,,5
Event Translator Config Tool evntwin
Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter msdt -id devicediagnostic
Math Input Panel (for Tablet PC) mip
NAP Client Configuration napclcfg.msc
Pen and Touch (for Tablet PC) tabletpc.cpl
People Near Me collab.cpl
Performance Monitor Reports perfmon /report
Power Options – Energy Report powercfg -energy
Problem Steps Recorder psr
Program Compatibility Troubleshooter msdt -id pcwdiagnostic
Reliability Monitor perfmon /rel
Resource Monitor perfmon /res
Resource Monitor resmon
Restore Files (Advanced) sdclt /foreignrestore
Scan Management scanmanagement.msc
Services For Network File System nfsmgmt.msc
Set Program Access and Computer Defaults computerdefaults
System Preparation Tool sysprep/sysprep
System Property control system
System Repair Disc (create disc) recdisc
User Account Control Settings useraccountcontrolsettings
Windows Licensing Status slmgr.vbs /dli
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results windowsanytimeupgraderesults
Windows Easy Transfer Report migwiz/postmig
Windows Firewall firewall.cpl
Windows Media Center ehome/ehshell
Windows Media Player mplayer2
Windows PowerShell powershell
Windows PowerShell (ISE) powershell_ise
Windows Virtual PC vmwindow
WMI Control Console wmimgmt.msc
XPS Viewer xpsrchvw
3D Text Screen Saver sstext3d.scr
Blank Screen Saver scrnsave.scr
Bubbles Screen Saver bubbles.scr
Mystify Screen Saver mystify.scr
Photos Screen Saver photoscreensaver.scr
Ribbons Screen Saver ribbons.scr

To check and find more commands info read the e-book: Windows Commands Guide 2016


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