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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rules and Regulations of this Blog

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Rules and Regulations of this Blog

Hello Bloggers,

Here I’m defining some principle/rules for governing this blog and its visitors/users. These rules contain some facts, regulations, facts and copyright informations relating to this blog contents and posting. Please read the following lines to know more about:

1- The primary objective of this blog is to provide free technical support and articles to everyday computer users as well as administrator. The contents includes: Tips and Tricks; Troubleshooting tips, software and network problems and solutions, Technical papers, articles, documents and IT contents; new technology, softwares and news.

2- All the articles/topics are permanent and will no be deleted from this blog, but all contents will be updated as and when any new and updated informations will be available.

3- Please to give suggestions, comments and new ideas to improve the quality of this blog and submit articles/tips and tricks to publishing here. If you like any articles, then please add to Technorati / Digg / delicious.comStumbleUpon etc.

4- The blog content doesn’t contain any harmful/unsafe materials. No copyrighted or copy protected information will be published. If found anything objectionable, then please report me by email: [bcdalai2020[at]gmail[dot]com].

5- The information of this blog contains no warranty, unless mentioned for a particular purpose. But you can get free support/advice from the author or ask questions to the author through posting comment on the blog or email.

6- All mentioned web links, software name, technology, tradenames, trademarks and other informations here are for reference and informational purpose.

7- The downloadable articles/files from these blog are free to use and distribute in any media except printing media. If you want to print the just ask to the author or see the license agreement of that particular article/document for details.

8- Publishing or posting articles/reviews/sharing ideas are completely free and open.
These are the basic rules of this blog for easy understanding and operations. If you have anything to say the please post comment/email me. Author: bcdalai email: [bcdalai2020[at]gmail[dot]com].
Yours Truly,