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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Windows Command Guide 2008

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Windows Command Guide 2011
Version 4.3 final (2016 updates)
(with Windows 7 and Server 2008 SP2)
Commands for Everyone

Last Updated: Dec 2015
New Commands in Windows 7:
Programs Commands

Connect to a Network Projector: netproj
Sync Center: mobsync
Resource Monitor: perfmon /res
Performance Monitor: perfmon.msc
Component Services: comexp.msc
Print Management: printmanagement.msc
Windows Memory Diagnostic: mdsched
Math Input Panel: mip
Tablet PC Input Panel: tabtip
Windows Journal: journal
Windows PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) : powershell_ise
Windows PowerShell V2: powershell
Create a System Repair Disc: recdisc
Windows Remote Assistance: msra
XPS Viewer: xpsrchvw
Desktop Gadget Gallery: sidebar /showgadgets
Windows Fax and Scan: wfs
Send feedback: control -name microsoft.feedbacktool
Sticky Notes: stikynot
Scan Management: scanmanagement.msc
Security Configuration Management: secpol.msc
Services For Network File System: nfsmgmt.msc

And many more commands in the pdf file. download the updated file.
This is the latest version of Windows Command Guide. This guide contains more than 1200+ Windows Run commands and also other useful commands and tips.

Please refer to this previous article to know more about.
Download Windows Command Guide 2011 (Final Version):
Download Now
Some Screenshots of this Guide
Click this image to download this FREE GUIDE
Click this image to download this FREE GUIDE
Click this image to download this FREE GUIDE

For more commands and complete lists download free guide from the above or click here.

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pankaj said...

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vitamin b said...

I had download the Windows Commnad guide in pdf file format. Windows Command guide has helped me to configure the windows 7 in a great way that is beneficial to me.

yatra said...

great post